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DG1 decision on Wisting 
Government approves Gullfaks development 
Plan for phase 2 of Johan Sverdrup construction approved 
Increased investments secure future revenues 
Best result in five years, but inefficiency costs too much 


Strong increase in SDFI income – Petoro’s result as of the 3rd quarter of 2018 
Great opportunities on the Norwegian continental shelf 
Strongest start of the year since 2014 
Hard work yields new opportunities 
Petoro Iceland relinquishes last licence on the Icelandic shelf 
New head of finance 


PDO submitted for Snorre expansion 
PDO submitted for Johan Castberg 
Considerable revenues for the Norwegian society 
Digitalisation requires bold, forward-looking leadership 
New board member Hugo Sandal 
Positive development and increased competitiveness  
New board member Hugo Sandal 
Unpredictability requires improved competitiveness 
Two new VP's join Petoro's management team 


Additional innovation is essential for increased activity 
Åsgard Licensees Awarded the NPD's IOR Prize 
Oil industry’s future depends on sustainable change in efficiency 
Brian Bjordal elected new board member 
Restructuring gives results – industry on the right track 


Ambitious goals – a precondition 
Plan for Development and Operation for Maria approved 
Johan Sverdrup plan approved 
Cost trend breached, efficiency improvements still much needed 
Holding in Johan Sverdrup reduced – redetermination possible 
Restructuring well under way, now we need to get more out of mature fields 
Development plan for the Maria field submitted 
Mature fields more important than ever 
The Johan Sverdrup plan - a historic milestone and industrial foundation 


Lower prices highlight the need for efficiency offshore Norway 
Investment remains high 
Gunn Wærsted new chair of the board in Petoro AS 
Costs must be halved for wells and the annual number doubled 
Major investments slow production decline, cost rises threaten projects 
Solution ensures big long-term government revenues 


New vice president for strategy and organisation at Petoro 
Activity high – investment up 
New vice president for licences at Petoro 
Prices and production down. Rig decision key to increased recovery 
Changes to Petoro management 
Grethe Moen new president and CEO of Petoro AS 
Production reduced and uncertainty about investments in mature fields 
Petoro delivers second- best financial result ever 
Kjell Pedersen retires from Petoro 
Petoro involved from start in Iceland’s petroleum activity 


Production record in 2011-12 gas year 
Petoro Perspective 2012 
2011 Great year for Petoro and SDFI 
Record first half despite price dip 
Press conference on the interim results for the SDFI per 1Q 2012 
Petoro's best ever quarter – net cash flow up 25 per cent 
Invitation to press conference 
Gullkronen 2012 award to Petoro and Faroe Petroleum 


Giant discoveries, big cash flow, high reserve addition 
Petoro paper on EOR methods off Norway for WPC in Qatar 
Results up 23 per cent – higher prices 
“Petoro even more important for the NCS over the next decade” 
Swop deal on the Norwegan Continental Shelf 
More than NOK 1 000 billion to Norwegian government since Petoro was founded in 2001 
Petoro reorganises – Grethe Moen joins management team 


High cash flow – worrying trends for production and investment 
Future success depends on the big mature fields 
Oil prices and gas output up – gas prices down 
Adjustment a key topic in Petoro's annual report 
Strong production, weaker gas prices 
NOK 97 billion to Norwegian government in 2009 - Petoro calls for all-out effort for necessary changes 


Petoro pressing to keep profitable projects on track 
Petoro pressing to keep profitable projects on track 
Strong half-year - uncertainty about new projects 
Big revenues to the government - despite lower oil prices  
Petoro driving force for investment over next decade 


Income for first nine months this year exceeds whole of 2007 
Petoro contract worth NOK 60 million for Upax 
Petoro ønsker mer aktivitet i Barentshavet