About Petoro

Petoro is a state-owned limited company which manages the SDFI in the Norwegian oil and gas sector. These holdings comprise a third of Norway’s oil and gas reserves and associated facilities. Petoro’s formal role as the licensee acting on behalf of the state is described in this two-minute film. Animation on Petoro


Petoro has a small and flat organisation, with personnel who possess a high level of expertise and broad experience from the petroleum sector. In addition to close to 70 employees, the company can draw on external leading-edge expertise in carrying out its duties and activities. Read about the board and executive management of Petoro by clicking on the respective image below.
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Photo: Kjetil Alsvik

Board of directors

The board of Petoro comprises Gunn Wærsted, Brian Bjordal, Per A Schøyen, Trude J. H. Fjeldstad, Hugo Sandal, Ragnar Sandvik and Anne-Cathrine Nilsen.
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Photo: Emile Ashley

Management team

Petoro’s management team possesses broad specialist expertise as well as long and wide experience from the petroleum industry on the NCS and internationally.
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petoro org chart nov 2018
Petoro organisation chart
petoro org chart nov 2018
Petoro organisations chart

Organisation chart

Petoro’s organisation chart – click to enlarge