Petoro manages the State’s Direct Financial Interest (SDFI) on the Norwegian shelf – this amounts to about one-third of the nation’s oil and gas reserves. Petoro’s task is to create the greatest possible value and the highest possible income from the SDFI portfolio. Since its beginning in 2001, the company has transferred an average of approx. NOK 100 billion each year to the Government Pension Fund Global (the Petroleum Fund). This is equivalent to about 35 - 40 per cent of the State’s total revenues from the petroleum sector.

Photo: Anne Lise Norheim

What do we do?

Petoro has around 70 permanent employees. Our staff is made up of enthusiastic and skilled employees who like to work in teams. Together, we have a broad and unique background of experience – not just from companies with activity on the Norwegian shelf, but also from banking, finance and other sectors. Petoro has wide participation as a licensee in fields and licences on the Norwegian shelf. We also monitor Equinor’s marketing of the State’s oil and gas. We work in a transparent organisation with many important, interesting and multidisciplinary work tasks.

The task of creating values is both exciting and challenging. Good cooperation, both internally and with other companies, authorities and external expertise communities, is essential for Petoro to achieve its goals.

Job vacancies

There are currently no job vacancies