Petoro manages the SDFI on the NCS ­– in other words, about a third of Norway’s oil and gas reserves. Its job is to create the highest possible value from these assets.

Vacant posts

Unfortunately, Petoro has no vacancies at the moment.
The Norwegian state possesses big participatory interests in oil and gas licences on the NCS through the SDFI. These holdings are managed by Petoro AS. The most important job for its employees is to contribute to creating the highest possible value from the SDFI to benefit the whole of Norway.

This work is both highly interesting and challenging. Good collaboration, internally and with other companies, the government and external centres of expertise, is crucial for achieving the company’s goals.
Petoro’s unique position on the NCS provides an overview and insight which equips its employees to see new commercial opportunities. The big portfolio of fields and licences managed by the company and the expertise of its staff allow it to influence the development of Norway’s oil and gas adventure.
The company has just under 65 employees, who possess a broad range of expertise and experience.
Petoro - en drivkraft på norsk sokkel