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SDFI and Petoro annual report 2012

Directors’ report 2012

Attractive working environment and expertise

The individual Petoro employee is crucial to the company’s deliveries and success, and the board gives emphasis to ensuring that the company offers a stimulating working environment which attracts people with the right expertise and positive attitudes. Helping each employee to achieve the professional and personal development needed to attain the company’s goals and secure good utilisation of its overall expertise is a management responsibility.

Opportunities for professional and personal development will help to retain, develop and attract good personnel. Learning and expertise development goals with associated plans are drawn up each year at company and individual level. The company audited its system for performance assessment reviews during 2012, and also thereby its efforts to continue developing a culture which focuses on the individual employee’s most important contributions to achieving goals. In addition, a two-pronged development programme to strengthen relational competence was completed. The aim was to enhance Petoro’s ability to succeed with its goals and strategies in the licences.
The company’s human resources policy aims to ensure diversity and equal opportunities, develop expertise and facilitate a good working environment.

Petoro had 64 employees at 31 December 2012, compared with 67  a year earlier. Six staff left during 2012. The company has sought to strengthen its organisation through new recruitment in recent years, particularly technical specialists with higher education and relevant experience. The labour market for this type of expertise is tight, and recruitment processes are complicated and time-consuming. Petoro expects to increase its staff to 69 during 2013.

Sickness absence came to 2.35 per cent, compared with 1.9 per cent in 2011. Despite the increase, this represents a positive result. The rise from 2011 reflects rather more long-term sick leave in 2012, while short-term absences were reduced. Petoro has an inclusive workplace (IA) agreement, and gives weight to close follow-up and dialogue as well as to making arrangements which can ensure that such absences are as short as possible.
Collaboration with the company’s working environment committee (AMU) and works council (Samu) lays an important basis for achieving a good working environment in the company. Work in these bodies again functioned well in 2012.
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