Petoro - a driving force on the Norwegian continental shelf

SDFI and Petoro annual report 2012

Executive management

From left: Olav Boye Sivertsen, Tor Rasmus Skjærpe, Roy Ruså, Jan Rosnes, Marion Svihus, Grethe Kristin Moen, Laurits Haga
and Kjell Pedersen.

Kjell Pedersen

President and CEO
MSc petroleum technology, Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTH).
Career: Has had a long international career, holding a number of leading posts both upstream and downstream in Exxon and ExxonMobil. President and CEO of Petoro since 2001.


Grethe Kristin Moen

Vice president mature oil fields
MSc chemical engineering, Norwegian University of Science and Technology.
Career: Long experience from Norwegian and international petroleum operations. Has held a number of management posts in the production, technology and commercial areas at Statoil and Shell. Her most recent post at the latter was head of the E&P business in Norway and of HSE in Europe.

Jan Rosnes

Vice president gas fields/new developments
MSc petroleum engineering, Stavanger University College.
Career: Broad experience from project and strategy work with Shell in Norway and the UK and with Statoil, among others. At Petoro, has been vice president for projects and strategy and for technology and ICT.


Laurits Haga

Vice president marketing and sales
Economics degree.
Career: Long experience from the Norwegian and international oil and gas business. Held a number of management posts with Mobil and was head of the gas division in ExxonMobil Norway before joining Petoro.


Roy Ruså

Vice president technology
BSc petroleum, Rogaland Regional College.
Career: Long experience of the Norwegian oil and gas business from Statoil and Baker Hughes Inteq. Previously headed Petoro’s projects and strategy department.


Marion Svihus

Chief financial officer
MSc in business economics, Norwegian School of Economics, Bergen.
Career: Long experience from Statoil, where she held a number of senior management position in the fields of economics, analysis, finance and strategy. Also eight years of experience from the banking and financial sector.

Olav Boye Sivertsen

Vice president legal affairs
Law degree from the University of Oslo.
Career: Has earlier held posts as legal affairs officer at ExxonMobil, head of the legal affairs department for Mobil Norway, and in posts at the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, the Ministry of Labour and Local Government and the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate. Also has international experience from Mobil’s US business.

Tor Rasmus Skjærpe

Vice president strategy and organisation
MSc engineering, Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTH).
Career: Long experience of Norwegian oil and gas operations, most recently as head of Petoro’s licence management department and before joining Petoro as head of Norsk Hydro’s operations in the Tampen area of the North Sea.

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