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New vice president for strategy and organisation at Petoro

Nashater Deu Solheim (45) has been appointed vice president at Petoro for strategy and organisation, and becomes a member of the company’s executive management team. Solheim has been with Statoil since 2009, and its vice president for learning and development since 2012. She is educated as a clinical psychologist and holds a doctorate in psychology from the University of Surrey.
Over a 20-year period, Solheim has worked professionally with management and organisational development in large and complex organisations such as Statoil, the UK defence department, and the public and private health sector in Britain. She has also developed her own companies.

In addition to her primary duties at Statoil, Solheim advised the corporate management on such subjects as management development, education as a strategic tool in developing countries, and moving beyond a traditional corporate social responsibility (CSR) to more long-term and commercial development of the supply chain.

Grethe Moen, President and CEO of Petoro, says that Solheim will provide the company with experience and innovative drive in strategic thinking, organisational and management development, and entrepreneurship. “With Nashater on the team, we have an overall expertise and experience which strengthens our ability to deliver in accordance with our goals and strategies,” she says.
Publishing date: 12-12-2013