About Petoro

Petoro is a state-owned limited company which manages the SDFI in the Norwegian oil and gas sector. These holdings comprise a third of Norway’s oil and gas reserves and associated facilities. Petoro’s formal role as the licensee acting on behalf of the state is described in this two-minute film. Animation on Petoro


As the manager of the SDFI, Petoro is the licensee for about a third of the oil and gas reserves on the NCS, as well as for the largest holding in the transport system for these waters.
Oil infrastructureAt 31 Dec 2018
Participating interest (%)
At 31 Dec 2017
Participating interest (%)
License period
Oseberg Transport System (OTS)48.3837948.383792031
Troll Oil Pipeline I + II55.7680855.768082023
Grane oil pipeline42.0631042.063102030
Kvitebjørn Oil Pipeline30.0000030.000002020
Norpipe Oil AS (interest)5.000005.000002028
Mongstad Terminal DA35.0000035.00000-
Oseberg Transport System (OTS)48.3837948.383792031

Gas infrastructure
Mongstad Gas Pipeline (EMV)56.0000056.000002030
Nyhamna 26.1384026.138402041
Valemon Rikgassrør30.0000030.000002031
Dunkerque Terminal DA30.3531730.353172028
Zeepipe Terminal J.V.22.8816122.881612028
Vestprosess DA41.0000041.00000-
Norsea Gas AS (Interest) - 40.00600-
Ormen Lange Eiendom DA36.4850036.48500-

The SDFI also has intangible fixed assets relating to gas storage capacity in the UK and Germany, and financial fixed assets related to an associate in the US (SNG).   

***    Gassled has multiple transport licenses with various licence periods