SDFI and Petoro annual report 2021
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Accounts on cash basis, SDFI

General ledger accounts report

Total change open accounts with the Treasury
Assets and liabilities*20212020
O/U call179,248,168(2,810,556,994)
AP nonop(804,529,698)561,316,837
AR nonop367,246,798(139,103,151)
Inventory nonop68,422,11529,727,085
Prep exp nonop(86,289,021)(97,139,650)
Working cap - nonop(608,207,356)132,837,112
Total change open accounts with the Treasury(887,547,122)(2,324,502,299)

O/U call - prepayments calculated net of JV cash call and settlement from operators 
AP nonop - accounts payable in settlements from operators 
AR nonop - accounts receivable in settlements from operators 
Inventory nonop - inventory in settlements from JV operators
Prep exp nonop – prepaid expenses to operators - settlements
Working cap - nonop - primarily accruals in monthly settlements from operators
VAT - balance of VAT payments
Agio - rounding-off related to currency translation (agio/disagio)

Comment on change in open account from 2020 to 2021:
The change was mainly caused by increased provisions in the licences and amounts owed in settlement from the operators. However, this is partially offset by increased net advances in licences and receivable amounts in settlements from the operators.