SDFI and Petoro annual report 2020
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Accounts on cash basis, SDFI

General ledger accounts report

Overview of change open accounts with the Treasury
Assets and liabilities*20202019
O/U call(2,810,556,994) 1,538,205,263
AP nonop 561,316,837 302,058,421)
AR nonop(139,103,151) 152,439,303
Inventory nonop29,727,085 19,026,800
Prep exp nonop(97,139,650) (110,411,404)
Working cap - nonop132,837,112 (972,658,814)
VAT(1,583,538) (30,061,650)
Total change open accounts with the Treasury(2,324,502,299)294,481,077

O/U call - prepayments calculated net of JV cash call and settlement from operators 
AP nonop - accounts payable in settlements from operators 
AR nonop - accounts receivable in settlements from operators 
Inventory nonop - inventory in settlements from JV operators
Prep exp nonop – prepaid expenses to operators - settlements
Working cap - nonop - primarily accruals in monthly settlements from operators
VAT - balance of VAT payments
Agio - rounding-off related to currency translation (agio/disagio)

Comment on change in open account from 2019 to 2020:
The change was mainly caused by reduced net advances in the licenses. However, this is partially offset by 
a reduction in provisions in the licenses and a reduction in amounts owed in settlement from operators.