Petoro manages the SDFI on the NCS ­– in other words, about a third of Norway’s oil and gas reserves. Its job is to create the highest possible value from these assets.

Working environment, pay and benefits

An attractive working environment, interesting assignments and competitive terms.
Petoro’s people are the company’s most important resource for achieving its goals. It will accordingly offer an attractive and stimulating working environment which attracts staff with the right expertise and attitudes. Helping to ensure that each employee receives the professional and personal development required to achieve both Petoro’s business objectives and job satisfaction for the individual is a management responsibility.

What Petoro offers

If you are interested in working for Petoro, it can offer a broad professional environment with provides you with good development opportunities. Employees value the high level of independence they are given in their work on assignments, analyses, ideas and solutions. Petoro handles issues which call for close contact with a number of national and international institutions, and which provide opportunities to acquire a broad understanding of and insight into important processes taking place between the oil industry, the government administration and the political arena.


Petoro’s remuneration system is market-based and competitive. Your pay will be calculated on the basis of your job description, assessments related to the company’s reference market, and your personal commitment and performance. Favourable pension and insurance terms are offered.


Petoro knows that personal health is important both for the individual and for the company. It accordingly seeks to ensure that employees have opportunities to take care of their physical well-being. The company is very proud of its sports club, Petoro Aktiv, which offers a varied range of physical activities for employees. Petoro’s excellent canteen is also committed to providing healthy and nutritious food.


Petoro knows that different phases in an employee’s life offer both opportunities and challenges. It wants to take account of where you are in your life. The company offers flexible working, and is concerned to ensure than its employees can maintain a good balance between work and leisure.