About Petoro

Petoro is a state-owned limited company which manages the SDFI in the Norwegian oil and gas sector. These holdings comprise a third of Norway’s oil and gas reserves and associated facilities. Petoro’s formal role as the licensee acting on behalf of the state is described in this two-minute film. Animation on Petoro

Strategy and role

Petoro’s strategy will contribute to maximising the financial value of the SDFI on the NCS. Its role is to be the licensee in production licences and other partnerships where the state has participatory interests. The strategy falls into two parts.
Increase the competitiveness of the portfolio
  • Reduced uncertainty in the reserve and resource base
  • New technology and innovation to enhance efficiency
  • Climate-efficient solutions

Realising value in mature fields
  • Identifying remaining reserves
  • A large number of wells and more efficient drilling
  • Develop integrated business cases
troll a - photo marit hommedal - statoil
Troll A - Photo Marit Hommedal - Statoil